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Priebus on Warpath! Recount Attempt Is A Fundraising Notoriety Driven Fraud [VIDEO]

If you didn’t get a chance to see the incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus speak on behalf of President-Elect Donald Trump this morning, you sure missed a firestarter. The entire interview is included in the video below, but I started this one at the 10:00-minute mark.

Priebus was called upon to talk about the recount in Wisconsin being done by a woman who lost by over a million votes, then he laid into Hillary Clinton, who he said, reneged on an election night agreement between the two campaign teams.

From Associated Press:

Donald Trump’s incoming chief of staff suggests Hillary Clinton is backing away from a deal worked out between the two presidential campaigns on how the loser would concede to the winner.

Reince Priebus tells “Fox News Sunday” that Clinton’s team “cut a deal” with Trump’s team specifying that once The Associated Press called the race for one candidate, the other would call within 15 minutes to concede.

Priebus says that’s just what happened election night.

But now he’s questioning whether Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias is backing down from that deal by announcing Clinton will participate in a recount in Wisconsin and may do the same in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The push is being led by the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

AP’s director of media relations, Lauren Easton, says AP “calls races when it is clear that one candidate has prevailed over the other. We have no knowledge of what the candidates do with that information until there is a public claim of victory or a concession.”

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Nobody better say that Priebus can’t fight for a cause because we just saw it. Good job RP!

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