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PRIMARY TIME! Trump leads; Iowa polls that predicted tightening doing it again for S.C., this time for – RUBIO!

Not many media pundits are going to give you this information so let us do it and study it hard! Something is developing…….

As the South Carolina Republican Primary approaches tomorrow, GOP front-runner Donald Trump continues to lead – but, depending on the poll you look at – that lead may be shrinking.

Three polls have come out today that shows the race now with less than a 10-point lead for Trump. NBC News/WSJ/Marist has it Trump +5 over Sen. Ted Cruz , Clemson-Palmetto has it Trump +9 over Cruz, and Opinion Savvy has it Trump only +3 over Sen. Marco Rubio .

Opinion Savvy along with Emerson College Polling are the two polls that caught the late tightening that took place in Iowa. Is Opinion Savvy doing the same here with a big Rubio surge? Could be.

Emerson, however, still has Trump +17 as of yesterday. It will be very interesting to see if they have a final poll tonight to see if they also are showing a late tightening of the race. We are also yet to hear from ARG and the South Carolina House GOP Caucus Polls today.


Is this it? Will Rubio shock everyone by finishing 2nd in South Carolina? Can Cruz hold on or even win the state? These questions will be answered tomorrow night. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below and let us know what you are thinking.

h/t – Real Clear Politics


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