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Principal paddles little boy for actions while mother records; oh yeah, she gave her permission!

I wish America would show some backbone when dealing with unruly kids, heck I was paddled in school one time. But that was my decision, which I made so the principal wouldn’t tell my parents how bad I was.

When watching the video, I want you to see how the media report tries to lay the blame on the truancy of the student when that wasn’t the case.

This kid was being a total uncontrollable brat in school spitting at the teacher, hitting other kids, flipping the bird, etc. It has nothing to do with missing school days and by the way, the absences were unexcused meaning the dumb mother couldn’t provide any medical reason he didn’t come to school.

From Inside Edition:

Shana Marie Perez, who recorded the footage of her son’s punishment, says she’s had a long-running dispute with the school principal in Georgia. Her son has had 18 unexcused absences this school year and she was once arrested for his truancy.

She says the school threatened to call the police and have her arrested again if she did not give them permission to paddle Thomas.

She told IE: “I felt like I had no other option. The principal led me to believe that the paddle was the only option.”

Perez said her son was “devastated about the whole situation.”

“Every time I try to walk up to him he says ‘don’t hit me, don’t hit me,'” she added.

The local sheriff says the school did nothing wrong because paddling is legal in Georgia as long as the parent gives their consent.

Watch the video report here:

And by the way, that crying doesn’t bother me one bit. Geeze, he hadn’t even been hit yet and it doesn’t hurt anything to scare a kid a little because he has been bad. They were only going to spank him with one paddle for God’s sake.

And for the record, my father paddled me one time and that was all it took. I never got one more paddling for being bad and I didn’t grow up to hit anyone, never been arrested, never acted up in school, got decent grades, went into the Air Force and received an honorable discharge and I turned out ok, I’m living a good life. That said, I’ll never forget being paddled but I never held it against my dad because I also remember clearly how bratty I was being at the time. I probably deserved a paddling a long time before that one time.

What do you think about this parent’s decision to allow the principal to paddle her son? Leave your comments (below) and tell us what you would have done in this position. 

h/t – Inside Edition

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