Pro-Palestinian Group Posts Shopped Holocaust Image To Make A Point Or Something

If you ever want a laugh causing a leftist a crisis of causes, show them this. If you watch both of their eyes closely you can actually watch their mind tear in half as progressive-indoctrinated cause A slams head on with progressive-indoctrinated cause B. Just putting that out there for future reference.

The Facebook page, I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists, caught the attention of Legal Insurrection when they posted the image above. A Photo-Shopped picture from a concentration camp attempting to draw parallels between Israel’s treatment of Gaza and Nazi Germany.

Such as the time the Nazis occupied the border areas in the Sudetenland in order to systematically search out and destroy tunnel networks built by the Jews, with materials donated by the nations of the world for rebuilding housing by the way, for the purpose of funneling weapons and terrorists… Wait.

It’s more like the time Hitler ordered airstrikes into Jewish territory because they were using population centers to launch rockets at German cities and then parading their dead on display shouting, “Death to Germany!”… No.

It’s like the time Israel packed every Palestinian in the middle east they could find onto trains and then shipped them to death camps… Look, the similarities are there, they’re sure of it.

The picture is far from their only, or maybe even most, pathetic attempt at being shocking. When it comes to the left having no shame, the cat’s already out of the bag.

Their mission statement reads:

To promote the narrative that Palestinians deserve the same rights and liberties that Israeli’s enjoy.
As evidenced by this post:
  It’s not like they showed any decorum or restraint in prior opportunities to be outrageous…
No idea what etnic cleansing is, but apparently the entire population of Gaza are blind, deaf, mute, paraplegics.
And who knew that Israel never existed, or that you capitalize the first and last letter in a name?
Mind blown. Oh wait. Israel’s real. It’s just a person, not a country. Also, the Palestinians are now attacking each other or something… and that’s terrorism. But only in synagogues. Look, it’s complicated, all right. Like, English complicated.
But never let it be said that there weren’t, just like with the Nazis, crucial correlations to Ferguson to be made.
10704043_321019104759445_8352529079205552010_nYou know, like vicious, uninformed mobs spun up on emotional propaganda hell-bent on destroying civilized societies.
Remember the days when these BDS(M) groups just did things like flash mob a grocery store to provide mild entertainment by singing and dancing to their own slightly improved version of a Lady Gaga song? It’s been a struggle to maintain a steady supply of Sabra & Tribe in the house ever since.

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