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Professor Says Trump Win Election! BTW, He’s Been Right Last Five Times!

Wow. If Dr. Helmut Norpoth turns out to be right in his prediction that Donald Trump will win the Election on November 8, he will be in unbelievable demand. He is a Political Science Professor at Stony Brook University, and his Primary Model, which has been right in the last five Presidential Elections – and would have been right before that going back over 100 years in every Election except 1960 – predicts Donald Trump will win.

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Hillary Clinton supporters are blind to truth Do they seriously close their eyes and ears? It’s like they don’t know the difference between right and wrong

There will be a lot of shocked people if Norpoth turns out to be right!

Makes perfect sense. He beat 16 other candidates fair and square; she had to steal it from a 74-year-old socialist. He beat 16 fully qualified people; she could not beat one questionable person.

If she is elected after publicly giving up extreme classified information, we are all screwed! I’m appalled (though not surprised) that top legal officials have not disqualified her from running now and arrested her for treason. This pathetic madness needs to stop! God bless Trump and praying for his election as our next president!

This election is about the right of the People to defend their Country and jobs against the Globalism of the Clintons, Obamas, and Soros. It’s the ultimate and real fight for Freedom against a vision of the world where all people are slaves without religions, without families, without rights.

Trump has evolved tremendously since the primaries. He is now focused and addressing the issues with stunning clarity and effectiveness. So glad the useless debates are over. People can now just listen to his speeches which are excellent. The media may be helpless to stop him now. The sprint to the finish line will be incredible to watch!

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