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Progressive Feminism Can Just Make Me A Sandwich


As a Conservative woman I have been called many things, and none of them very nice. It is inevitable when those who seem to control the female narrative sit within the left, dictating my voice without nary a care about whether or not it actually suits me. Apparently since I have the xx chromosome I am somehow genetically predetermined to be a Democrat and something must be wrong with me if I’ve not gravitated to that side of the force.

I must have strayed to the “dark side.”

This is laughable if you think about what the left determines a woman’s priority. If you look at any feminist propaganda (and it’s everywhere folks), you’ll find that my priority should be my vagina, followed only by having the right to murder a baby – I’m sorry, a “fetus” – should my vagina be inconvenienced with one. Abortion is thusly encouraged by evil men creating a society where I am not wanted or respected and in fact, a culture that promotes my being raped.

Uplifting stuff, eh?

Somewhere in the depths of the feminist agenda is the whining and complaining of inequality and how we should be paid based on our mammary glands, not our abilities. The recurring theme here is of course how men have gone out of their way since the beginning of time to hold women back and keep us in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, making sandwiches.

Yes, the anger women feel in the progressive movement boils down to sandwiches. Who knew? Forget the wage gap, sandwiches are the real problem. Personally, I blame mayonnaise.

Just yesterday I was bopping around the online social media and I came across a hash tag on twitter that was entitled #YesAllWomen. Being the conservative lady warrior I am, I jumped into the tag trying to determine the complaint of the day and I found it all boiled down to Eliott Rodger.

As you probably know (unless you live under a rock), Rodger is the suspect in a shooting spree that left three women and four men dead, including Rodger himself. Apparently Rodger felt that women were not in the least interested in him and so he as the ultimate alpha male to take them all out.

Okay, so that’s horrible. And if the tag had actually addressed the situation fairly in that Rodger clearly had mental issues and not only resented and killed women but men as well, that would have been productive. However, the tag quickly turned into a pity party for every liberal woman out there who has ever had a gripe with men even going as far as to imply that ALL men are rapists deep down.

I can’t make this stuff up.

After reading line after line of tweets saying how horrible men are for looking at women and men being told they are bad just for being men, I decided to tweet out an apology to men from this alpha conservative woman. I can’t quite describe the epic meltdown hundreds of feminists and even a few men had over that one tweet. One woman called me a terrorist, another said I was the reason she would never be a conservative, and a man called me the c word (no, wasn’t the word conservative).

Over and over again I was attacked for my tweet and honestly no matter how nasty they were I couldn’t help but laugh. I had a good friend tweeting with me and eventually we started asking these feminists to make us a sandwich and get us a beer, which I know was not productive but really funny.

I kept hoping one of them would figure out their own hypocrisy, that at least a single feminist might actually think for herself and realize that attacking another woman for disagreeing with their efforts and messaging completely negated any and all credibility they may have had. They weren’t there to empower women to protect themselves, they were there to make the world feel guilty because they were unhappy. Period. As is typical with the left, they were exploiting a horrible situation to push their self-centered agenda.

And that’s what progressive feminism boils down to, the single most selfish agenda out there. The agenda is about convenience whether it’s abortion or making someone hire them. It’s an agenda that is all about them. Being a Conservative woman I take issue with that agenda as I believe women are much more than the sum total of our reproductive systems and should care about the greater good and the impact we can make on society, not the other way around.

Guess that means I won’t be getting my sandwich any time soon.

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