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Project Veritas just exposed Hillary Clinton shenanigans and disregarding election laws in Iowa

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have just released undercover video exposing Clinton Campaign staffers manipulating Iowa Election Law. The video depicts paid staff members informing campaign volunteers on how to skirt the state’s election laws, providing ways that they can get away with not registering supporters of other candidates.

Given Clinton’s history of disregarding the law herself, this undercover video comes as little surprise.

Time reported the Clinton campaign went on high alert last week after determining at least two women it believed to be from Project Veritas were seeking to expose illegal activity within the organization. A campaign official expressed confidence the campaign has “upheld the law.” Furthermore, regarding voter registration–the focus of the video–the campaign’s “policy is to register all voters, regardless of their preference in candidates.”

What Project Veritas (PV) discovered, at least in the instructions given by one paid campaign staff member, is that its stated policy is not its practice.

The video opens with an undercover journalist from Project Veritas, who has apparently been posing as a volunteer, being told by an Iowa Hillary Clinton campaign staff member, identified as Sarah Sterner, that she is no longer in any Iowa Hillary offices or events anymore.

The video then goes back a day earlier to show staffer Sterner explaining to a PV undercover journalist the campaign’s practice regarding voter registration: first, find out who they support.

“If you open up a conversation as like, ‘Hey, are you registered to vote?’ And they’re, like, ‘no,’ and they want to register, you have to register them,” she says.

“And so that’s why I want to keep our primary focus on, ‘Hey, are you a Hillary supporter?’ And then if not, then great move on, you know?” Sterner concludes.

Will you pledge to stop Hillary Clinton by any means necessary? Call, write, report….it’s time to get this woman’s name off the ballot, so this country doesn’t go down with her. If she’s doing this now, she will only is worse if elected.

H/T – Project Veritas

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