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Prominent Dem Breaks With Clinton/Obama: We Should Use Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’

In February 2016 House Rep Tulsi Gabbard from HI, left the Democratic National Committee to campaign along with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the video below, Gabbard sounds like a Republican as she broke with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in naming the enemy that plagues this country with terrorist attack after terrorist attack.

If you don’t know who Gabbard is, she was the vice chair of the DNC, which means a lot in perspective because if you’re willing to give up that spot for you beliefs, and you’re a strong person. She and Wasserman-Schultz just didn’t get along as their personalities clashed. Gabbard wanted more transparency for the election along with more scheduled debates. Wasserman-Schultz disagreed and publicly admonished Gabbard.

Honestly, I can let you know I do have a crush, a major crush on this Democratic congresswoman. Hopefully, one day she’ll see the light enjoying the Republican Party and help clean it up from messed that it’s in right now. She has conservative values; you can hear it when she interviews.

Watch this video below:

What did you think of Gabbard? See you think she is Republican material? I don’t think she looks the part as a Democrat anyway, yeah I said it looks the part.

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