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Former Al-Qaeda member “It is permissible, if it serves the cause, to kill women, children and babies”

Listen to Morten Storm, a former member of Al-Qaeda in Yemen who became a double-agent for the CIA, as he states the Politically Incorrect truth about Islam. Storm believes ISIS may very well attack the U.S. within the next two weeks, based on his experience within terrorist circles.


But what was most fascinating about this interview is that Storm quoted directly from the Hadith – the collected sayings of Muhammad. In one quote, Storm quotes Muhammad as saying, “I have been made victorious by terror..“ In another, Muhammad said in “Book of Jihad,” it is permissible, if it serves the cause, to kill women, children and babies.

And people wonder where “Radical” Islam comes from. It comes from ISLAM! It comes from the teachings and actions of Muhammad! Storm said Islam needs to be reformed, because as it is, Islam “is violent, intolerant and very dangerous for the whole world. It’s a supremacist ideology that has the aim of being totalitarian, like taking over the world.” Storm then quoted from the Koran where it says to “fight until there is no more fitna” – meaning religion other than Islam. That is exactly what the “Radical” Muslims are doing. They are doing what Muhammad said to do.

This utterly destroys the politically-correct nonsense that Islam is a peaceful faith. It is not. The narrative of the Left cannot even comprehend what Storm is saying because it goes against their entire world-view, that all religions are equal. In fact, the Left is so deluded, they believe the Christian faith is more dangerous and violent that Islam! Morten Storm has stated the obvious, and that is why virtually every terrorist act in the world is committed by Muslims. They are doing what their faith – written in their holy books – tells them to do.

Watch this video report:

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