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(R) Tom Cole – House Republicans Should Take The Deal, ‘We’ll Live To Fight Another Day’

Republican Representative Tom Cole (R-OK) said Tuesday that the fiscal cliff deal passed in the Senate is “essentially a bipartisan agreement” and House GOP “ought to take” it. He noted that, from a Republican standpoint, the deal is a “compromise,” but the delay in sequestration cuts will allow them reassess the situation in two months. “We’ll live to fight another day,” he said.


Some Republican reps may try to amend the Senate bill, he said, but it is now “very late in the process for anything to be added.” Cole acknowledged the GOP didn’t get everything they wanted, but said there were still many good aspects to the deal:

“When you can make 85% of the Bush tax cuts secure for 98% of the American people, give everybody rate certainty, and basically take the revenue piece off the table in our negotiations going forward, we ought to take this deal right now.”

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