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Racist HBO Bill Maher just told Major Garrett – ‘next time use the n-word to get Obama’s attention’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher was so upset with CBS White House reporter Major Garrett’s question for President Obama on Wednesday that he said screaming “the N-word” would have been more appropriate.

Barack was basically spiking the football on a nationwide unpopular nuclear deal with Iran when he called on Garrett. The president did not like it that he was asked about the American hostages held by Iran as you will see in this video below.

Barry – you are getting desperate.   So far, your legacy is record deficits and debt, making an imperfect healthcare systems far worse, record numbers on welfare and food stamps, and setting back race relations 50 years.  Now you are gonna end it with a big bang, in the form of a mushroom cloud over Israel.

Thank you Major Garrett for the tough question about our fellow Americans.  Its refreshing to finally see some real reporting.  We should all be worried about the American hostages, the President and Sec. Of State don’t seem to be.

Maher was irresponsible for his post but free to respond however he wants due to freedom of speech, however there are consequences to those statements.

CNN also decided to call out Garrett for asking Obama a question he really didn’t want to answer. Check out these twitter responses to Maher racist post:

What did you think of Bill Maher’s response? What did you think of Major Garrett calling Obama? Share your comments below and add to your twitter and facebook time.

H/T – Fox News

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