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RAINFORTH: Carly Fiorina — As President, I Will Ban Men From Joking About PMS

After the GOP primary debate dust-up on Thursday night between front-runner Donald Trump and Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly, Trump appeared on CNN to expand on his debate performance. Trump, interviewed by Don Lemon on CNN made the remark “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever.”

Most believed Trump was taking a dig at Megyn by inferring it was “that time of the month” for the FOX News host. The internet quickly blew up over Trump’s comment.

Carly Fiorina, who widely seen as the winner of the GOP’s early bird debate, Tweeted out, “Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse,” and “I stand with @megynkelly.” I felt Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was most likely trying to get a little publicity riding Trump’s coattails during this misstep.  Trump has been dominating the primary polls, and many, including the Drudge Report poll, had him the big winner of the main GOP debate on Thursday.

Reached for comment about her tweets, Fiorina explained that she “didn’t believe men should be allowed to refer to, or joke about women on their menstrual cycle.”

She added that, if elected the president, she would “craft an executive order banning men from doing so.” When asked if that wouldn’t violate men’s 1st Amendment rights, she remarked, “I don’t care. Men shouldn’t be allowed to joke about this issue, even in the privacy of their homes. It’s that serious.”

Not to be outdone, RedState leader, Erick Erickson, dis-invited Trump from the organization’s gathering, and said that he agreed with Fiorina’s suggestion that men should be banned from joking about PMS.

As a further snub to Trump, Erickson invited Megyn Kelly to take his place at the RedState meeting.

Erickson went on to Tweet:

Of course, Erickson once Tweeted about Supreme Court Justice David Souter:

Not sure if there’s some double standard there. On the flip side, many women jumped to Trump’s defense. On another article on this site, women commented that they weren’t offended by Trump’s remarks.

women support trump 1

women support trump 2

And men jumped in, too.

Of course, Fiorina didn’t say that she would ban men from joking about PMS if she is elected the president.

The worrying part about all of this is that it seems the GOP establishment (including Erickson), and FOX News, are out to get Trump, so they can have their chosen candidate win the primary. It seems they want to decide who gets to appear at functions, and who they attack to bring down, as opposed to letting Republican Party members decide. I am not sure I want to associate with a party like that.

The funny thing is, in an old article in the Sun Sentinel Times on PMS and humor, a female writer quips:

Of course, being premenstrual has more comedic possibilities than menstruating. It`s about crabby and unpredictable women. Women who swallow entire family-packs of Doritos because no one would dare stop them.
For men, it is the perfect way to make fun of women and get them to laugh along.

That`s OK. We will let you laugh along with us, but you can`t laugh at us, or we will make light of something we are totally ignorant about, such as circumcision or prostates.

Why? Because we`re mean as snakes.

And then there was this Tweet by a woman who is no Trump fan:

It seems women aren’t all that concerned about men joking about PMS. Honestly, what man hasn’t joked about it with his friends? I’d say one of Fiorina’s consultants told her to to make those Tweets to capitalize on the situation, and that she wasn’t overly offended by Trump’s remarks, either. Trump’s going to be Trump. He says outlandish and crude things. We expect it from him, which is surely what lends to his popularity. He’s not PC… in the least bit. Should he have used the language he did in the CNN interview? Perhaps not, but we all knew what to expect from him given his past comments about women, and, well, just about anyone he’s involved in a feud with.

Now it’s time to see if he reels the over-the-top rhetoric back a bit, and focuses more on issues and how he would solve this country’s problems.

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