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Raising The American Standard


declaration_of_independence.1161404_stdWhat makes us Americans? For many, it is our recognition that certain “inalienable rights” given to us by our Creator apply to every human being on the planet. It was in fact this recognition that led the Abolitionists to demand an end to slavery as being totally incompatible to such values. Despite that fact that the slaves themselves were powerless, free Americans took huge risks and fought hard against the prevailing wisdom of the day to free these folks and elevate them to the status of equality.

This is “the American Standard” being pushed by one group in north-central Pennsylvania. It defines our American national identity and mission according to the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, not according to our race or religious affiliation or class. Such a standard is objective and clear, and you can only alter these basic and fundamental rights by denying this aspect of our history and heritage as a people, and by literally repealing the Bill of Rights, instead of just chipping away at them through backdoor efforts that undermine their robust enforcement and protection.

Here is the group’s post on the subject-See Post HERE

They invite your comments, and participation.

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