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Randy Glisson Campaign Kickoff for FL House Dist.31 by Chris Ivan

Former Florida State and NFL running back for the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos, Sammie Smith joined Randy Glisson in support for his campaign kickoff. Smith, who has quite a story of redemption himself, offered kind words of support for Randy.  I asked Sammie why he supported Randy, his answer was much the same as others i asked.

“Randy is a great leader and volunteer. I asked him to help with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Randy stepped up. He has done great work.”


I arrived at the event a few minutes early and asked attendees similar questions. Randy’s wife Denise, graciously welcomed me to the event. The room filled quickly and exceeded expectations. I spot a young couple and ask them what were the most pressing issues in district 31.

“Jobs and healthcare they replied. Randy being in healthcare and a business owner gets it”

A colleague of Randy’s, Jose says “Randy is dedicated, committed, sincere business man ready to make a difference.”

Mr. Glisson called for prayer over the food before being introduced to speak by County Commissioner Jimmy Conner.

“Honorable business man that meets a payroll” said Jimmy.


Randy came to the podium and began to speak. He spoke of his arrival to Florida as a boy, his father just completing chiropractic school moving the family with $700 in pocket and a car. After some hard work and ambition, Randy’s father, Jim Glisson had built his own practice and later was elected to public office. This is the kind of opportunity for success Mr. Glisson wants others to have. He spoke of the private sector being better to fill the gaps in the economy rather than government.


“Government should maintain a safe and welcome environment to small business”, said Glisson.

After hitting all the topics that needed hitting, and none that did not, His speech ended with a warm applause.

This campaign has really come together since I last spoke with Randy.

Randy’s campaign is currently in the lead in fundraising for this six way primary.

Others in attendance were Attorney Mike Graves, Eustis city commissioner Michael Holland, and County Commissioner Welton Caldwell.

To learn more about Randy Glisson and his campaign, visit his site



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