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Raphael Cruz: “Christians that are committed to the lord, we won overwhelmingly among that group”

This is the age of Barack Obama.

Christians are turning on other Christians, questioning their faith, at an alarming rate and it’s getting on my damn nerves.

Nobody on this earth has direct access to another person. Yes, there are holier than thou individuals that think that they or more tuned into God than others, So let them have it, but slamming someone for not agreeing with you is way out of bounds.

If you want to turn away someone from your campaign, Or someone from your message, The easiest way to do it is to denigrate them or make them feel inferior.

This is from Ted Cruz ‘s father Rafael Cruz during an interview with a radio host:

Well, I think that they’re defining evangelicals in a very loose manner. If we look at the numbers, those that are people that call themselves born-again Christians that are committed to the lord, we won overwhelmingly among that group. Unfortunately — and this is a message that I have been carrying to America, as you said, for several years — there are too many people in the church that have actually become lax about the word of God, that they are being more concerned with being politically correct than being biblically correct, they have diluted the word of God in order to be palatable to everyone.

If I don’t want to believe what you pushing, then I don’t have to. It’s remarkable that members on the conservative right are using the tactics of the liberal left because they’re not getting their way, or the results aren’t prosperous for them doing this election campaign cycle.

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