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Rapper Ice Cube BLASTS Hillary’s ’96 Racist Comments: She’s Waging War Against Blacks!

I am happy to watch a few black voters turn down their enthusiasm knob against Hillary Clinton, who has now been justifiably portrayed as an outspoken racist more than a politician willing to stand up for racial justice.

Hillary’s questionable politics and route to getting there have always been known. Black voters should think long and hard about supporting and pulling the lever for her in the general election if she’s fortunate enough to make it out DNC convention.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, rapper and filmmaker Ice Cube said that Hillary is waging war against Black people and his voice should carry a lot of clout. He believes Clinton’s racist comments during her speeches in 1996 callling black men “superpredators” resulted in the increased police brutality against Blacks.

Based on that racist term ]and her ill-advised tact, Ice Cube doubts that Clinton is serious about launching fighting against racism and inequality.

“To call your own citizens ‘superpredators’ is pretty harsh and a pretty big indictment. It’s not solving the problem; it’s just making it worse. Now the authorities feel like their justified in how they treat these so-called ‘superpredators.”, said Ice Cube

Clinton is playing and has been practicing cynical politics. While making racist comments back in 1996 and never addressing it until someone unearthed it for this election seems suspect at best.

Hillary wants the black vote, and she needs it, or she will lose the election. Clinton’s history of lies and empty rhetoric are hard to bypass, and black voters shouldn’t give her a pass on anything. Hold her feet to the fire and let it burn.

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