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Rapper Rick Ross, Marx, the Pope & the TPP: Meet the Imposture Society of the Proletariat

All scumbags, all of them, there, I said it. Rick Ross, thug rapper, of false street cred fame, has just been booked for kidnapping and assault. This coward who once was a correction officer pretended in his songs to be a drug dealer. The communist society before us is so fake that even some will boast of crimes they never committed, trying to steal the “valor” of not only law abiding people moralizing us on racism, but also the “valor” of criminals alike. So do we need to even get into Dolezal or Bruce Jenner? No, be prepared for the next fake to be praised on TV.

imageIn Congress it is no different. Socialist GOP establishment pretends to be of business creds, but in fact are marshaling the TPP, a Marxist means of imposing EU type norms and “good business practices”, as if politicians were the businessmen and craftsmen who invented them, taking control of implementing these jobs. See, the corporations supporting the TPP are going to be screwed because they are becoming what Marx called “proletarianized”; thus what the innovative craftsman invented is now going to become a government norm that a bureaucrat will implement/impose for him. The innovator is now an owned worker of the state and no more honored as inventor; and if he changes the method to improve and patent a better one, he will be destroyed.

Then we have a Pope of “Christ creds” moralizing us like Rick Ross too, so cool with his atheist advisor on climate change. This Earth First insane advisor – of Bill Nye like imagefalse science-creds himself – promotes his pseudo-science, substituting real science for normative policies. Science that is meant to question itself until it proves itself false has now its models taken and enshrined into norms. These norms are submitted to the Global Warming accepted norm theory. Think the current 18 trillion debt going into the pocket of impostors outrageous? Sorry, but you ain’t seen nothing yet; they have more impostors joining the band wagon here, the whole Catholic Church!

Philosophers and psychologists agree, it is the conformists, the reasonable “common sense” people who are the normalizers, the impostors, because they rely on plagiarism, on imposition of norms that were invented by others, in order to get their position of power and making money. They even end up harassing those who invented the methods when they improve on those methods, rendering the degrees obsolete.

imageSo, there you go, the low info voters impostor citizens gawking in admiration of Rick Ross of false street cred getting arrested is exactly the kind of lame society we also have on top of the Catholic Church and World bodies such as the US Congress. All of them are scumbag impostors, telling us what to do that we are already doing. I will not even go into Obama trying to act as your lost Dad, calling the likes of Trayvon and others raised by single moms his sons, a typical Bizango method of pretending to be a spouse.

Tell us if you are ready to join the insanity cult of impostors, centered around their mental illness gods, because the art you create today that they use to prop themselves might make you later a heretic for daring to make their industry image obsolete with yet other arts coming out of your own school of thoughts – school which threatens to heal the world.


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