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RASSMUSSEN: Even With Media Accusations, Allegations, Trump Approval Rating Hits 50%

While the media attacks President Trump instead of mentioning all the things he’s doing for Americans, the word is getting out to voters and they are happy with the progress.

President Trump has hit 50 percent in the total approval area according to Rassmussen and things can’t be better.

America, keep it up. You are the reason why Trump was elected to lead and fix the mess created by politicians. Remember, politicians ran the national debt up to trillions of dollars. Politicians have been stealing your tax money. Politicians have been playing the game of class separation and lying about the bills they sign to help your children’s future. Politicians are to blame for making America weak.

Your voice in November elected someone to right the ship and head us in the right direction and that person is Donald J. Trump.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

This is the first time the president’s overall approval rating has hit the 50% mark since late April. His approval rating has ranged from a high of 59% in late January shortly after he took office to a low of 42% in early April.

The latest figures include 31% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11.

I am positive it’s way higher than 50 percent, probably more like 63 percent. I wouldn’t go higher than that because I am not sure what Democrats really think at this point but I am willing to give him a high 63.

What would you give him if you had a chance to vote? Share your percent below in the comment section.

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