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R&B Singer R. Kelly pressed on past rape allegations on HuffPostLive walks off set

It seems more interviewers are into using the positive/negative approach when asking questions of their guests. Politicians also use the same strategy to tear down someone then build them up as an excuse later to say “well I did tell them this positive thing.”

HuffPostLive’s interviewer Modarressy-Tehrani had every right to use a “negative” line of questioning but she also had the responsibility to inform R. Kelly the interview was going to go in that direction of his past rape allegations. You can see Kelly was very defensive when he asked about her drinking habits.

“Do you drink? Do you get drunk? Do you fall all over and not know where you’re at?” the singer asked.

After explaining how uncomfortable he was with the interview, Kelly then gave the host “one more question” adding if it wasn’t positive he would walk off the stage.

“What do you say to the multiple fans, the many fans who are watching and listening that say there have been multiple accusations against you against young women in Chicago and they are concerned about your past and that’s impacting them from purchasing your music?” Modarressy-Tehrani asked as R. Kelly attempted to interrupt her.

Watch the exchange here:

Do you think he had the right to leave the set? Was the questioning out of line? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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