Real-life Pet Semetary; Cat “killed” claws out of grave five days later

Bart was pronounced dead in Tampa, Florida, more than one week ago when he was found on the street in a pool of blood. Much to his owner’s surprise, he returned home five days later, albeit looking like an extra for “The Walking Dead.”

Ellis Huston, Bart’s owner, said that the cat suffered head trauma, a broken jaw, and a ruined eye. Although Bart still needs to undergo surgery, vets have no doubt that he’ll pull through, especially since he managed to pull himself from a grave.

Remember the movie Pet Semetary where the family cat was buried in bad soil only to return as a feline from hell?


Although its unclear how Bart escaped, rescuers at the Tampa Bay Humane Society believe that he became conscious underground and hid for a few days to recover before heading home.

Huston is convinced that the battered cat is his own.

h/t Dailymail

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