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REALLY? Megyn Kelly complains Bill O’Reilly didn’t defend her against Donald Trump

Why does Megyn Kelly need Bill O’Reilly to defend her? She is an adult. Bill O’Reilly defends himself every day from all sorts of attacks. The truth is she is a vindictive person that believes she and only she is correct. Which is so far from reality it amazes me. Donald Trump can have his opinions as can anyone else.

Kelly is becoming Babes (Candy) Crowley she wants to be the news instead of reporting the news. Her opinion will if Trump becomes president end her career.


From Page Six:

While Kelly’s had widespread support during the media war, she admits in More of her colleague Bill O’Reilly, “I do wish that O’Reilly had defended me more in his interview with Trump. I would have defended him more.” The host of “The Kelly File” also says of the Trump conflict: “Honestly? People think I’m fearless. But I’m human.”

WOW! Kelly wanted O’Reilly to bash him like she does but he wouldn’t play her game. She is exactly kind of hater which Fox will utilize to prop up the GOP establishment and repress any Americans who aren’t one of them!

Kelly made an age old mistake. She made Trump her adversary, then proceeded to underestimate him. She went for a first round knockout and looked very “green” in their exchanges. She, more than anyone, quickly established Trump as a force in this primary process. Had she not tried to “be the one” to bring Trump down, things may have played out differently. It’s beyond me how she keeps her job unless she had orders from the network to make them look bad.

Megyn get a grip. Bill owes no allegiance to you for anything. You’ve been dumping on Trump from the beginning; now it’s coming back to bite you. You’re a member of media; you need to be unbiased. We are sick of your negative reporting. Maybe you need a new line of work.

Maybe you need a new line of work.

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h/t – Page Six

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