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RECAP: 3 Key Differences Between Eric Garner And Ferguson Cases

With all the discussion of the cases regarding Ferguson and the death of Eric Garner, liberals initially and continue to believe the deaths resulted due to racism and that both verdicts were an injustice. I believe this makes it significant to recap 3 key differences between the two cases:

1) Video Footage

Unlike Ferguson, we have video footage of Eric Garner being held in a chokehold, which has been illegal in New York since 1993. Now there’s been a lot of debate whether it was a legit chokehold, and some have said it was due to Garner’s asthma and obesity that made him more prone to losing his breath. I personally thought the officer involved could have faced at least manslaughter charges, but that turned out to not be the case. Unlike the majority of those who jump to conclusions, I can only speculate since I was not on the jury and did not see all the evidence presented. But Garner did say he couldn’t breathe multiple times, and with the officers not responding, I thought they could have handled the situation better, even though he did resist arrest.

2) Garner’s Demeanor

Although Garner has a criminal background and been arrested over 30 times, he did not rob a store, reach for a cop’s gun, and assaulted them like Michael Brown did in Ferguson. Nobody is condoning resisting arrest, but it is clear Garner was not nearly as aggressive as Brown was, so I believe a certain level of police reaction to arresting an individual needs to have its limits.

3) Jury Evidence

In Ferguson, all the evidence has been presented to the public. A jury has rigorously reviewed every piece of evidence since May, including more than a half-dozen of BLACK eyewitnesses who backed up Darren Wilson’s testimony of Michael Brown being the aggressor. Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown before he was killed, claimed Wilson shot him in the back with his hands up. This clearly was a lie, because the autopsy showed all the shot wounds on the front, not the back. How can you expect Johnson to be truthful when he just got finished robbing a store with Brown. Besides, what else was Wilson supposed to do when a 6 foot 4, 300 pounds ‘gentle giant’ comes charging at him, aggressively grabbing him and reaching for the gun? The officer has every right to defend himself in this case. Plus, he did not fire all the shots at once, giving Brown a chance to surrender in between each shot.

Now there is one, and I believe only one, a connection that these two cases share: There is NO evidence of racism on behalf of the police that leads to these deaths. Sure, we can argue that the police could have gone too far in dealing with Eric Garner, but if they’re to blame for anything, it would be how they arrested him, not anything to do with their hatred of Garner due to race. So next time when liberals claim BOTH cases were an injustice and BOTH cases lead to deaths due to racism, remind them why neither of those claims is true. And just because I question the way police handled Eric Garner does not mean I hate the police, like some want to claim. I love our law enforcement and acknowledge an overwhelming majority of them are very good cops who do their jobs with excellence.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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