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Red, Right and True w/Elly Maye; What Makes The Tea Party So Radical?

NOTE: #TeamNinja stands with this young conservative. She is a bold young lady with a heart of gold. She continues reach out to those her age, her peers with a constitutional conservative message that is inclusive and very thought provoking.

I spent the last week with my dad, and although we completely disagree politically, I had a very wonderful time. After casually debating several different issues with him, I feel even more confident in conservatism. The majority of leftists are guilty of repeating false narratives without doing their own research first. And let’s face it, it’s embarrassing.

So if you know your stuff, and debate them simply by asking questions, their argument will self-destruct. My dad told me he didn’t like the Tea Party because of how “radical” they are. When I asked him what makes them “radical,” he proved to not know a thing about them. Why so quick to judge? And hey, who said being radical is a bad thing anyway? Most people think the Tea Party is “radical” because they haven’t a clue what they stand for. They just listen and repeat what the mainstream media says.

Well, if you’re open minded, and believe in people, I suggest you learn about the Tea Party movement. This video will be a good start.

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About Ellysa Maye

Hi. I’m Elly Maye. I’m 22, from Minnesota and have pink hair. I write political poetry, make youtube videos, and have a dry sense of humor. I have strong conservative beliefs but don't belong to any political party. I've been sober for over a year now and love Jesus. I don't debate to hate, I fight to unite. So get to know me and let's make this country a better place.

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