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Red, Right & True w/Elly Maye: My Take on Benghazi

Democrats have been saying some nasty things in regards to Benghazi-gate. It saddens me to see grown adults acting this way and worries me for the future of our country, especially with it being in the hands of people who still point the finger at Bush. I don’t think people understand how insane it is to blame a September 11th attack on an internet video.

The families of the fallen still want answers, and if Democrats are as compassionate as they lead people to believe, they would be more than eager to get to the bottom of this. The truth is a rare thing to see these days and I just hope and pray that my generation will be one of refreshment and bring honesty back into this country.

Search for the truth no matter how much it hurts.

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About Ellysa Maye

Hi. I’m Elly Maye. I’m 22, from Minnesota and have pink hair. I write political poetry, make youtube videos, and have a dry sense of humor. I have strong conservative beliefs but don't belong to any political party. I've been sober for over a year now and love Jesus. I don't debate to hate, I fight to unite. So get to know me and let's make this country a better place.

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