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#RedRightTrue: Clinton & Warren Saying They’re Poor- All a Load of Crap

Hillary Clinton is an elitist who has been chauffeured around since 1996. Literally. So when she makes comments about her and Bill being “dead broke” after leaving the White House, people get annoyed. Especially people like me. I’m not a fan of people trying to act like something they’re not. And that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton is trying to do. She talks about “the cancer of inequality” yet charges 6-figures a speech. She’s trying to portray an image that people can relate to and it’s blatant manipulation for her wanna-be presidency.

Now, Elizabeth Warren. She is a lying socialist who is all about collectivism and pretending to be Native American. Remember what I said about not liking people who act like something they’re not? Yeah well that’s Elizabeth in a nutshell. Not only does she pretend to be Native, but she also pretends to be “not wealthy.”

These two women, both potential Democratic candidates in 2016, are multimillionaires who are obviously untrustworthy hypocrites. They claim they care but the proof is in the pudding. They don’t. Period. If they did, we’d all be better off by right now right? Because like Chris Matthews points out, Democrats control the Senate and the White House. And that should be MORE than enough authority for them to deliver on that “hope and change” Obama promised. But it’s not. Because modern Democrats aren’t about “hope and change” they’re about power. And money.

As a woman, I say Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are out-of-touch power hungry liars who shouldn’t be trusted solely based on their gender or “good” intentions.

Examine those who are representing us and do the research before supporting politicians.

About Ellysa Maye

Hi. I’m Elly Maye. I’m 22, from Minnesota and have pink hair. I write political poetry, make youtube videos, and have a dry sense of humor. I have strong conservative beliefs but don't belong to any political party. I've been sober for over a year now and love Jesus. I don't debate to hate, I fight to unite. So get to know me and let's make this country a better place.

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