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RedState Founder Erick Erickson – Not much difference from Planned Parenthood and Trump Supporters

The shot fired across the bow from GOP establishment hugging Erick Erickson has him hitting on all cylinders at this moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s a bad thing, and it’s growing.

This weekend, Erickson disinvited GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump because of his response to Megyn Kelly was viewed over the top by many establishment “crazies” and candidates. He addressed the situation while also giving a lame excuse as to why he didn’t invite GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

10 Presidential hopefuls were invited to Erick Erickson’s RedState Gathering but not Ben Carson, and here’s why – AUDIO

I don’t know if Erickson is part of the establishment actually but by his fruits, ye shall know him. He also came out with a lovefest for an unpopular conservative pick Jeb Bush, explaining how much he had a history with the former Florida Governor and how much he loved him and the Bush family. Now that right there could show everybody he’s leaning establishment but who am I to judge.

But this statement via The Hill will most definitely shove Erickson into the establishment corner:

“Really not a lot of difference between PP supporters who believe the tapes were edited and Trump supporters who believe he didn’t say that,” Erick Erickson wrote on Sunday, comparing the billionaire’s backers with Planned Parenthood defenders.

Honestly, if I had traveled to the RedState gathering, it would not have been to see Erickson, it would have been to listen to the presidential candidates speak and watch how they interact with the masses. I would have been pissed to hear Erickson’s personal feelings on not inviting someone who I paid to see.


The fact that the event sold out before it was announced that Trump was going to be there is irrelevant because everyone would have assumed that he was going to be there. After all, who would hold an event for Republican candidates without including the frontrunner. Oops, I guess Erickson would do so.

It is odd that someone who has such a long history as Erickson has, making disparaging comments about women himself feels that it’s necessary to rush in on a white horse to rescue one of the savviest political personalities on TV.

Sounds to me like Erickson was looking for a reason to hurt Trump’s candidacy.

What do you think? Are Trump supporters as bad as Planned Parenthood? Share your thoughts in the comment section and share this on your twitter/Facebook wall for discussion.

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