Religious Freedom Under Attack Again

The liberal attacks against Christianity reached a new low this week.

This football season, players for the Arkansas State University added a Christian cross decal to their helmets to honor two members of their football family, former player Markel Ownes and former equipment manager Barry Weyer, who had passed away recently. The students all decided that since Owens and Weyer were Christians, a fitting display to memorialize them would be a Christian cross with their initials on it to display on the back of their helmets this season.

But low and behold, there were complaints that this was clearly an endorsement by the State University of the Christian religion and should be removed immediately. Even worse, the lawyer for the university, in an attempt to offer advice on the situation, suggested cutting off the bottom of the decals so they became a plus sign to avoid legal problems. Because defaming a religious symbol is an appropriate way to avoid a lawsuit.

This whole situation is just another instance of people with liberal and anti-religion views imposing their will on others. Why must a group of students choosing a certain way to honor their fallen brethren be chastised for doing so? How come people who want to express a certain religious faith, whether they actually practice that religion or just support those who do, must instead remain silent to avoid offending a minority of bitter people?

I for one am getting sick and tired of the media, our government, and society in general preventing those who want to express their religious freedom. This country was and still claims to be a safe haven for those escaping religious persecution, but more recently has begun attacking its own, especially those of Christian and Jewish faiths. We are now a nation where saying One Nation Under God is wrong; where private businesses are forced to support government policies that go against their beliefs such as gay marriage or birth control or risk fines and lawsuits; where nativity scenes and Menorahs are banned from displays during the holiday season; and now where students cannot mourn their fallen friends in a manner of their own choosing.

About Diana Sepulveda

Diana Sepulveda is a resident of Brooklyn, NY. She has been actively involved in Republican organizations for over eight years by volunteering on local and city-wide campaigns, participating in community service events, and becoming a member of the local county Republican committee. Diana is currently the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, and a contributor to Behind Enemy Lines Radio. Diana is a graduate of Pace University, where she received a B.B.A. in Public Accounting with Cum Laude honors, as well as an M.B.A. in Public Accounting. When not focused on politics, Diana works as a Senior Accountant at a public accounting firm based in Midtown Manhattan.

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