Remember this? Pelosi Galore: You Can’t Measure ObamaCare By the Number of People it Insured

Yet again Ms Pelosi, how many of us already had insurance? That would be a measure of the success of how many signed up that were uninsured, even though this is now law! It is a requirement not a recommendation, which is inherently wrong in this country! I agree with Trey Gowdy, she is “Mind numbingly stupid”!!!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says Democrats passed their health insurance law, not to insure the uninsured, but to give people “quality” health care and “affordable” health care.

“Madam Leader, isn’t the real measure of success, not the raw number who signed up, but how many of those who signed up were not insured before?” a reporter asked Pelosi at a news conference on Tuesday.

“No, that’s not — the measure is twofold,” Pelosi responded. “The message is how many people have access to health care — quality, affordable health care and insurance.”

Sorry to tell you Nancy, it is not affordable in any sense of the word and it is definitely not better insurance but of course you do not know that because you don’t have it! And talking in circles (as dumb as it is ) it does not change the fact millions were thrown off insurance they loved for garbage no one wants ( except for the politicians that are not on it )!!


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