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Rep Elijah Cummings – Disrupts Early Testimony w/Rant to Protect Obama, Attacks Darrell Issa verbally!

Rep Elijah Cummings began by thanking the witness, former diplomat Gregory Hicks for his service and offering condolences for the loss of his colleagues in the attack. “If I had been in your place,” Cummings said, “hearing Ambassador Stevens’ voice on the phone and wanting to do everything possible to help him, I would have had the same questions you had: where’s the military, where are the special forces, where are the fighter jets to rescue my colleagues? These are legitimate questions.”

But from there, Cummings proceeded challenged a series of theories about how the U.S. could have saved the four men who died in the attack; claiming that official sources have confirmed to him that under the circumstances, it would not have been possible for military help to arrive in time. “I have seen nothing to make me question the truthfulness of our nation’s military commanders,” Cummings said. And while he said the oversight committee has a duty to hear testimony from Hicks and his fellow whistleblowers, “we also have a duty to thoroughly investigate these claims before we make public accusations.”


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