Rep. Jesse Young Is Focused On What Matters In Washington State

America needs more people in office like Rep. Jesse Young of Washington State’s 26th district. Young was appointed to the position is running again against Nathan Schlicher. Jesse was appointed to his seat after Jan Angel won her Senate seat. He’s a self-made man who has never taken for granted his life lessons and where he has come from. Jesse grew up very poor and even, at times, homeless in Tacoma. Jesse learned at an early age that his upbringing would not define him. He very well could have gone down another path in life that so many people can never recover or learn from.

While Jesse was in high school he was at the top of his class as both valedictorian and captain of the football team. It was during that time Jesse met the love of his life, whom he is happily married to. Jesse pursued his degree in technology from the University of Notre Dame. He is a truly self-made man who is focused on the people of Washington.

10743264_860824463969112_23142927_nJesse young is voting “No” on the I-594 Initiative which will limit the rights of legal gun owners. Jesse stated on his campaign page on Facebook,”But I will vote against  the I-594 because it is a poorly written initiative that is trying to prevent bad people from getting guns by making it harder for good people to do so.”

Jesse is a firm supporter of the NRA and the liberties of the American people.”As your state Representative, I am working hard to protect your right to bear arms, and I am proud to have an A rating from the National Rifle Association, as well as their endorsement for my campaign.”

Schlicher is back to challenge for the seat in the 26th. Jesse is running a positive campaign that is to the point with no mudslinging, just the facts. Schlicher voted 96% of the time with Seattle’s liberals. Jesse Young voted with his people in Kitsap and Pierce counties. His opponent voted for the largest budget in state history. He is focused on helping the people of his communities in the 26th district and the state Washington. This includes the agricultural industry which makes up 13% of  the state’s economy. He is working on creating a friendly business environment that creates jobs and improves the quality of life in Kitsap and Pierce counties.


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