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Rep Jim Jordan DESTROYS Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards over apology

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was totally destroyed by Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan during today’s congressional hearing into the ghastly videos exposing what they were doing behind closed doors with baby body parts. 

Jordan asked her why she apologized after the first undercover video was released, later double downed but couldn’t explain why she apologized.

“Ms. Richards, if the videos were selectively edited, if this was entrapment, if this was all untrue, then why did you apologize?” he asked.

“Well, Congressman, first, I think everyone has agreed they were heavily edited–” Richards began.

“My question is, why did you apologize?” Jordan cut in.

Check out exchange:

What did you think of this exchange? Did Jordan do his job or did Richards explain her apology?

h/t – Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)

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