Rep. John Lewis Doesn't Believe Sen. Sessions Will Work For Black People!

I can’t believe Rep. John Lewis had the audacity to try to publicly humiliate Sen. Jeff Sessions through his testimony today.

The Democratic Party hasn’t been kind to the black community with years and years of promises and Lewis sat up there like a minstrel and defended them by calling out Sessions. Lewis just about called Sessions a chameleon saying he wasn’t who he pretends to be.

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My mouth dropped open for this one and so will yours.

Transcript from video:

“there are forces that want to take us back to another place.”

“It doesn’t matter whether Sen. Sessions may smile or how friendly he may be, whether he may speak to you,” Lewis told the committee members on Wednesday.

“We need someone who will stand up and speak up and speak out for the people who need help, for people who are being discriminated against. And it doesn’t matter whether they are black or white, Latino, Asian or Native American, whether they are straight or gay, Muslim, Christian or Jews. We all live in the same house, the American house.”

They are playing on emotion rather than fact and this is very dangerous. I can’t wait until this group of black caucus members are no longer in Congress. They are a detriment to fixing America’s racial divide.

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