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Rep. Scalise Says CBO Using Word Semantics And 24 Million Will Not Lose Healthcare [VIDEO]

I for one am against Paul Ryan’s attempt to shut out House Conservatives and their ideas for Obamacare repeal and replace, but the CBO is wrong this time.

I stand with Rep. Steve Scalise when he says the Congressional Budget Office is wrong to say 24 million Americans are going to lose their healthcare if the Republican bill is approved. Democrats are going to run with that line for the next few weeks and Republicans if they are slow as usual will miss the boat and lose the argument as usual.

President Trump needs to step forward with the quickness and change this narrative. Democrats are ruthless when it comes to lying and using emotion to do so. Before you know it, they will be running video commercials of minorities losing their health care coverage because of Trump and Ryan.

Scalise said their projections was that 14 million Americans would be able to leave Obamacare next year and that’s where the CBO is wrong. They are misinforming the American people to make it seem as if they will be kicked off coverage.

Watch the interview here:

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