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REPORT: 7 Percent Of Facebook Users Unfriended After Election Day

The election has exposed the true and honest character of a lot of people who used talk of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion like it was a social and political weapon to silence and intimidate those who didn’t share their point of view. Sorry, but I do not want or need that kind of person as a friend.

From Fox News Insider:

In the wake of the 2016 election, some Facebook users are purging friends with whom they disagree politically.

On “Fox & Friends Weekend” this morning, Kurt “The Cyber Guy” Knutsson reported that the U.S. election was responsible for 10 billion likes, posts, comments and shares on the social medium from March 23, 2015, through November 1, 2016, according to Facebook.

Additionally, Knutsson reported that on Election Day alone, 115.3 million people on Facebook worldwide generated 716.3 million likes, posts, comments and shares related to the election.

He said that Facebook, however, doesn’t have any data on how many unfriendings there were during the 2016 presidential election or on Election Day, but it does appear that there is an “unfriending frenzy” occurring.

A Monmouth University poll in late September and found that seven percent of voters report having lost or ended a friendship because of this year’s presidential race.

Knutsson urged anyone who’s considering ending a friendship – on Facebook or otherwise – to avoid making a rash decision.

“Although unfriending people may be therapeutic, doing so means people are further isolating themselves in a like-minded bubble,” Clayton Morris said.

I haven’t cared enough to check for just general Facebook friends; they wouldn’t be real friends if they did that but I’m sure it happened. I never unfriended anyone for their decision on who they would vote for, but I have done it to those who became flamboyant with disrespect towards my family or me.


I can understand unfriending someone if they are spouting racial hatred, outright meanness or bigoted comments, but unfriending someone purely because his/her political beliefs are not the same as yours is the height of immaturity and irresponsibility. Of course, if someone unfriends me strictly because of my political views, I would bet they were not a very good friend, to begin with, and they probably won’t be missed.

If you can lose friends over crap like this, they’re not friends. Trust me, these slime bags in Washington on both sides are not worth losing those you care about. While they get us fighting and hating each other, they’re at the bar having drinks and smoking cigars and slapping each other on the back and laughing at us. Please, they are not worth it.

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