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Report: Sgt. Tahmooressi Testifies That Mexican Customs Agents Asked For Bribes To Free Him

Update: One of our contacts who’s at the hearing now, and has actually visited with Andrew, said that “this has been under wraps since the beginning.” He also reported that, “This attorney is building a case for immediate release. Other shoes to drop. Still a high hurdle.”


This is breaking from a source (Mexican reporter Said Betanzos) at Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi’s hearing in Tijuana, Mexico.

Either Sgt. Tahmoressi has, or will, testify to the judge that Mexican customs agents asked him for “money, his guns, & even his vehicle for his freedom (or – to let him go).”

I had the Betanzos’s Spanish version of events translated to English.

The original statement in Spanish was: “El ex combatiente de guerra en Afganistán, Andrew Tahmooressi platicará al Juez cómo agentes de la Aduana Mexicana le pidieron dinero, sus armas y hasta el vehículo para dejarlo en libertad.”

The translator (who is of Cuban descent, but raised in the US), told me that it was not Andrew who offered a bride, it was the customs agents who asked for one.

When I asked the translator, Mayra-Heidi, if he was sure that the translation was correct, and that it was the agents who asked for a bribe, his response was: “Nope..doesnt work like that this side of borde..[sic] THEY OFFER U. Trust me ive [sic] had plenty offers for many things u wouldnt [sic] believe. Any ‘officials’ police bp (border patrol) aduana (customs) politicals think theyr [sic] free to offer ‘services’ especially to white ppl here.”

Will report any news as it comes in.

The official Tahmooressi family liberty fund is at

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