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Reporter Tried To Humiliate General Mattis During This Interview; Watch This Fail!

I am not sure where this reporter is from but he tried to call into question General Mattis decision making and it didn’t go over to well.

General Mattis is precise and very strong on defending this nation and him along with President Trump plan on protecting America against anyone and everyone who poses a threat. That includes Russia.

This reporter asked his question about U.S.-Russia relations and didn’t like the answer he was given so he asked it another way and that’s where Mattis sat up in his chair and responded like this:

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Here’s the exchange

REPORTER: “The Russians have been very clear in their rhetoric. They’re saying that another response like you launched on April 6 would be (crossing) the red line for them,” the reporter stated, referring to President Donald Trump’s recent air strike on Syria. “How are you so confident that this isn’t going to spiral out of control?”

MATTIS: “I’m confident the Russians will act in their own best interests, and there’s nothing in their best interest if this situation spirals out of control”

How did you like that? Do you think Mattis got his point across to the young reporter? Share your opinions below.

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