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Reporters covering Chicago protests blamed Trump a whopping 94%

If GOP front-runner Donald Trump is “inciting violence,” it’s because people have had it up to here with outside agitators trying to shut their events down. They want actual leadership, not capitulation.

They want someone who’ll kick these people out, literally if necessary. Groveling before the activist class is no longer our default. If you don’t want to get punched at a Trump rally, either stay home or listen quietly. Don’t draw attention to yourself.

People are there to hear Donald Trump, NOT YOU.


From Newsbusters:

Since Friday night’s mayhem in Chicago, all three broadcast networks have made the violence surrounding Donald Trump’s rallies the near-exclusive focus of their campaign coverage. But an MRC analysis of ABC, CBS and NBC news coverage found that the left-wing protesters who forced the cancellation of a presidential campaign event escaped nearly all blame, as reporters dumped 94% of the blame on Trump and his campaign.

MRC analysts Mike Ciandella, Scott Whitlock and Kyle Drennen examined ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening show coverage from Saturday morning through Monday morning — a whopping 45 segments totalling nearly 85 minutes of airtime. They found that reporters specifically criticized the Trump campaign for its handling of the issue 46 times, vs. just three times when blame was placed on the left-wing protesters.


Trump is not inciting violence. He’s displaying actual leadership, something the rest of society has forgotten how to do. People want security guards to do their jobs and use all the force necessary (and then some) to teach these malamutes a lesson. The world doesn’t revolve around weak, effete people like Bernie Sanders, who’ll just bend over. Just because we’re expected to bow and scrape before these activists doesn’t mean we’re going to.

Do you believe how biased the biased media is against Donald Trump? You hear how Trump gets all the coverage, but they never tell you most of the reports are negative. Do you think the Chicago protests were the fault of Trump? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

h/t – Newsbusters

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