Resistance (and Socialists) in St. Louis

It will be a busy weekend in St. Louis. While most in the Gateway City will be enjoying baseball playoffs, others will be marching in the streets and attending rallies, all in the name of ending “police brutality” and ensuring justice for all. Well, maybe not all….. A group calling itself “Ferguson October” is putting on what is being billed as the “Weekend of Resistance”. This four-day long extravaganza is designed to keep the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown, at the hands of a white Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, in the spotlight. Also, a second shooting involving a black teenager and a white cop that took place in St. Louis city’s Shaw neighborhood this past Wednesday, on the south side of town, is being highlighted.

In the second case however, the suspect’s gun, reportedly stolen, was found at the scene. He was on house arrest and wearing an ankle monitor, in relation to another gun crime committed in June of this year. The story thus far is that 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers shot first at the off duty police officer, who was working a security job. In addition to the main event on Saturday, which was a rally held in Keiner Plaza in downtown St. Louis, several other events were taking place in Ferguson and in other parts of the city. Supporters and Activists from all over the nation are expected to attend. Perhaps the biggest question is, just who is involved in seeing to it that justice for Michael Brown and his family, and the second shooting victim, is carried out to their liking? One of the main themes of this weekend’s activities is “justice for all”. Is anyone who is listed as a sponsor of these events on the Ferguson October website interested in justice for the police officers involved, or law enforcement in general? Some of the names may help answer that question. But another question may be for some of these groups, what are you doing here?702487_738423049558984_1870421612_n

Keep in mind that the purpose of this weekend’s festivities is making sure that Michael Brown, Vonderrit Myers, and all other black men shot by white police officers receive justice. The usual suspects have of course been in attendance, the NAACP, better known as the political wing of the Democrat Party, the New Black Panthers, who it is well-known, want justice and equality for all, and SEIU members because somehow union membership equals justice. A few of the newcomers to Leftypalooza this weekend would be Code Pink, wait a minute, aren’t they an anti-war group? Oh yeah, we are talking about the “war” to end racism. The St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee is also in the mix. Are white cops gunning down black teenagers in Palestine? Why haven’t we heard about this? Maybe an offshoot to the previous mention, the Campaign To End the Israeli Occupation will also be partaking in the insanity. Are the Israelis shooting unarmed black men? Some of these you just can’t make up like FANG, Fighting Against Natural Gas. One has to ask, just what in the blue hell does natural gas have to do with fighting police brutality?

The rest is fairly self-explanatory; Socialist Alternative, Alliance For a Just Society, Fund for Democratic Communities, International Socialist Organization, and last but certainly not least, Progressive Democrats of America. Many of these groups are no doubt providing funding, but do the people at the heart of these protests, the families of the victims, the local Clergy who have walked the streets attempting to keep the peace, and even the average citizen of Ferguson, or St. Louis, who maybe just wants transparent investigations, how will they accept the outcomes? When will everyone realize their “movement” has been hijacked? That it has been roundly taken over by groups who have no interest in either case, but just see this as a vehicle to move their own agenda forward? Many of these groups have been instrumental in the downhill slide of the African-American community for the last 50 years. But they know that if they show up, march in the streets and chant with people who don’t know their history and their track records, the money and ultimately the votes will continue to flow to not only these organizations, but to the Democratic Party that continues to take the black vote for granted.

A local talk show host may have put it best. St. Louis is not perfect, but we are more than capable of solving our own problems. To all of the outside carpet bagging groups who have descended on our city, we don’t need you here. Go home.

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