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Resturaunt employee refuses to serve police officer; what the owner did next was right on time!

It happened in a small Edina Minneapolis-area strip mall when an officer entered the restaurant for lunch.

One of the delivery drivers began giving the officer flack about giving out so many tickets.

According to Fox 9, patrol officer, Marcus Limbeck told his fellow officers in an e-mail the delivery driver yelled at him in the parking lot, “you coming down here to give us tickets now?”

Inside the store, the same driver told him, “you’re not getting a sandwich here, you’ve given almost everybody here a ticket, go get your sandwich someplace else.” The officer says the other workers were just laughing and snickering.

As soon as franchise owner Dan Vansteenburg heard of the incident, he terminated the employee.

“The comments were so egregious we terminated the employee immediately.” Vansteenburg told local reporters.

“We have a lot of respect for law enforcement. We are a law abiding sandwich shop but we are on the road and we deliver sandwiches.”

Check out the video report here:

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