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Return Of The Dark Ages? Russia Faces Taliban as US Withdraws

As Ramadi falls to ISIS in Iraq, a huge setback in terms of hope to ever see Iraq put itself on its feet, Defense News announces Russian military exercises in its former Soviet republics bordering Afghanistan – euphemistically called Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO).

Russia flexes its muscles as security threats due to fighting in Northern Afghanistan could spill into Central Asia or even all the way to the Caucasus. Meanwhile Obama is stuck on his Afghan withdrawal schedule despite Karzai asking to slow the draw down. This comes coincidentally at a time Russia is canceling its agreement to let US supply troops through CSTO territory, leaving US positions further isolated according to RT News.

Even more telling of Russians is that Uzbekistan has shied like India from being part of the CSTO and as a result is similarly gauged for military upgrades and maintenance by Russia. Ominous warnings from the Uzbek government of rising uncontrolable instability indicate that it could become yet another failed and abandoned Muslim dominated state (otherwise secular) possibly falling in Taliban hands – a veiled threat by Uzbekistan into default to terrorists.

From Xinhuanet: Patrushev the new boss?Thus the CSTO is failing, and the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement (SCA) between China and Russia comes now expected (a merger of China and Russia super Soviet) to prime their power bubble. China is already making Islam illegal, getting the Politically Correct pass to colonize/destroy Islamo-Nazis. Meanwhile one can imagine what kind of morale boost ISIS is going to enjoy, recruiting into and from those regions… unless the world allows that only the super-Soviet of the SCA can lord it there.

Grievances could motivate for a political rise of ISIS, i.e. not just for territorial gains, but sheer attention for martyrs in propaganda. More threatening is Russia’s Ivan The Terrible legacy of blackmailing submission as precondition for stepping in the chaos as warned by Uzbeks. Could a similar scenario occur with Uzbek kin Turkey or India, in a merger of the Islam-Communist exclusive grievance language? Let us know what you know.

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