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Rising Young AZ State Senator, Navajo by birth, leaves Democrats to become Republican!

After all President Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to hurt working middle-class Americans over the last 7 years, I am surprised more young Democrat leaders haven’t switched.

On Monday, the Democratic Party lost a young, charismatic up and coming state senator.  Carlyle Begay, an Arizona Democratic State Senator and also a Navajo Indian by birth, announced he is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican. Begay represents the district encompassing both the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

According to,  the senator says:

Flanked by state GOP leaders including U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, the longtime Democrat said he believes his new party is more aligned with his beliefs as a Native American.

“With an open and heart I clearly see that the Republican Party is the party of progress, a party of hope, a party of opportunity and moving forward, my party.”

Begay said he feels he can be a more effective legislator as a member of the majority.

“My hope is to follow the direction of my ancestors and embrace progress by helping the Republican Party as they build a bridge connecting those who need and want a chance, with those who can provide that chance.”

Begay speaking to the Arizona Republican said, “the Republican Party better reflects the values of self-determination and self-empowerment that he holds and wants to emphasize to his district.”

Begay said Republicans have been the only people who have worked with him on improving education, unemployment, and infrastructure issues in his district.

Begay announced the transition with a 2-minute video posted to social media (below).

Begay’s change give Republicans an 18-12 advantage in the Arizona State Senate. This move will help solidify the GOP’s control of state government across the country. Republicans currently control nearly 2/3 of all state governorships and state legislatures.

What do you think of this move? Share your comments below.

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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