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RIVERA: Sabo goes after Trump with this take down video; is it effective?


This afternoon, Sabo, the street artist know for his “hits” on Liberal politicians and the Republican establishment released a mock Ted Cruz campaign ad on his YouTube page.

The 38-second ad features clips from the infamous 1988 SciFi/Horror film “They Live” starring former WWE star “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The overdubbed clips feature Piper’s character attempting to convince his friend, played by actor Keith David, to view Donald Trump through a pair of special glasses.

After pleading with his friend that Mr. Trump “believes in late term abortion” the glasses reveal that Mr. Trump is actually an alien sent to deceive the American People.

The original unedited ad ended with a clip of Senator Ted Cruz stating “I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message.” Claiming he was contacted and asked to take down the original version by Cruz’s legal team, he later released an edited version of the Ad at the following link:

Has Sabo gone too far with his depiction of Donald Trump? Post your opinions below.

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