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Rodriguez: Like Him Or Not, James Baldwin Spit Some Knowledge!

I have only recently learned about James Baldwin. But for the last several hours I have been watching his interviews and work. You know what I find most troubling about watching this? The fact that much of what he is saying in 1963 is still true today! This video could have been filmed yesterday, and with only a few exceptions, most of what they are saying still holds true today.

Baldwin speaks about the white liberal, and how they are only “helping” the black man as a way to alleviate their own guilt. That’s something that I am sure most readers here would agree with considering the way you view liberals. But that’s not all that can still apply today, there’s much more.

I’m sure that many of you will attack Mr. Dupree for allowing me to share things like this on the site, but I hope that you would take a few minutes to listen to what is being said by this man. Actually stop, and listen with an honest, open mind. If you do, then maybe one day in our lifetimes, we can see the true change that will take us into the next level as a nation. We all need to listen to one another, divisive tactics will not work!

Please share your thoughts, and remember, direct any questions at me! Dupree did not write or endorse this, or any of my articles. He allows me to provide alternate viewpoints, but make no mistake, the views are mine and mine alone.

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