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Ron Paul silent no more: Ted Cruz, You’re no libertarian!

Now that Senator Rand Paul is out of the race for the 2016 GOP Republican nomination father Ron Paul is speaking his mind, and this is a doozy, just a few days before the New Hampshire primary.

“You take a guy like Ted Cruz , people are liking the Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and [in reality] he’s owned by Goldman Sachs. I mean, he and Hillary have more in common than we would have with either Cruz or Trump or any of them so I just don’t think there is much picking,” Paul said of the Texas senator on Fox Business’ “Varney & Company” on Friday.

Paul however, did sorta give praise to Democratic Bernie Sanders who was odd!

“On occasion, Bernie comes up with libertarian views when he talks about taking away the cronyism on Wall Street, so in essence he’s right, and occasionally he voted against war,” the former Texas congressman said when asked if there was a candidate who was truly for the free market.


I understand that Rand was the closest candidate in the race to a libertarian, but there are still huge differences between the remaining candidates. As I have stated before, even though I have endorsed Donald Trump, I would support a Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio nomination. They are not my first choice because I have been complaining about continuing to vote for career politicians and supporting 1st term Senators who have no accomplishments.

Paul continued:

“It’s hard to find anybody — since Rand is out of it — anybody that would take a libertarian position, hardcore libertarian position on privacy, on the war issue and on economic policy,” Paul added.

“So I always say: You can search for a long time, but you’re not gonna find anybody in the Republican or Democratic primary that even comes slightly close to ever being able to claim themselves a libertarian,” he concluded.

What do you think of Ron Paul’s message? Do you think he might have just traveled the road less traveled with this Sanders, backhand endorsement? Share your comments below.

h/t – Politico


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