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Rossville, GA Bans Abortion Clinics; “Not appropriate for our City”

The Rossville, GA City Council voted unanimously last night for both bans even though the abortion ordinance also limits situations in which women can get abortions.

Rossville Mayor Teddy Harris expressed concern that an abortion clinic would bring unwanted “drama” to the town, notes

“We want to be a peaceful city,” stated Mayor Harris. “We don’t want to have any protesters.”

“I just don’t think [abortion clinics] are appropriate for our city,” added Mayor Harris.

 The new ordinance allows abortions in Rossville if performed by a doctor at a hospital. The procedure can only be done to save the mother’s life and the doctor must verify that the baby wouldn’t survive outside the mom.

According to, the ordinance doesn’t allow abortions in cases of rape or incest.

“Pill mills” are clinics that advertise as pain relief centers, but dole out prescription medication like candy to people.

“We don’t want one for the drama,” added Mayor Harris. “Law enforcement can’t handle it.”

However, “pill mills” are already banned under Georgia state law and federal law.

Mayor Harris was undeterred and said, “This is another tool to make sure we can [close them down].”


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