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ROTFL! Obama says US-led coalition is hitting ISIS harder than ever

Hopefully, President Barack Obama doesn’t think we will fall for this!

You don’t really think Obama would allow American forces to hit ISIS, the group he’s been funding for over the past few years now do you? I pray our boys and girls don’t mistakenly go after Russian fighters, now that would be the end all, be all.

“As we squeeze its heart we’ll make it harder for ISIL to sell its propaganda to the world,” Obama said. “ISIL leaders cannot hide and our message to them is ‘you are next.”

“All that said, we recognize that progress needs to happen faster,” he said. “Even as were relentless we need to be smart, targeting ISIL surgically and with precision.”

Just watching Obama try to act tough is nauseating. Check out this clip!

Do you trust this message from Obama? Do you think he’s just grandstanding? Share your thoughts and views below in our comments section.


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