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Rubio claims bad voting record due to Senate frustration, votes are meaningless

Damn, Here we go again.

We need smart candidates, people, how much can we stress that on the American voter. That goes from the top down. Donald Trump has gaffed, and so has Dr. Ben Carson but when you have a sitting Senator, who gives an interview like this, there’s no way in seriousness he can be nominated for our side. There’s too much there…..there.

GOP Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio faced a very serious interview question from CNN’s Jamie Gangel, who asked the active Senator over his missed Senate votes on Monday’s New Day.

In the interview, Gangel reminded Rubio of a statement he made during a speech on the Senate floor when he said  “federal workers who don’t show up should be fired.” When the Florida politician countered that he had said that “federal workers that aren’t doing their jobs — that are not performing at their jobs — should be able to be fired,” the correspondent replied, “So someone might say you’re not showing up. You’re not doing your job by voting. You don’t think you’re in a glass house?”

“What I concluded is nothing is going to change here unless we put the right person in the White House,” said Rubio during interview.

Rubio tried to explain away his absences by arguing that the Senate votes don’t mean anything, “A lot of these votes don’t mean anything. They’re not going to pass, and even if they did, the President would veto them.”

What makes you think Democrats are going to cooperate with a Republican president more than Republicans have worked with Obama? If the Democrats have any spine whatsoever, they will work with a Republican president, should one be elected in 2016, the same amount that Republicans have worked with Obama, which is none at all.

Watch his response:

Can you actually back a candidate who says things like this? Share your comments with us below.

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