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Rubio drops back to 4th in NH polling, repeat that four times

GOP candidate Marco Rubio did not grow up in New Jersey. If he had, he would have instantly understood what Governor Chris Christie was doing and would have countered. Christie used a Jersey street tactic. When debating first break four of your opponents ribs, have him take a deep breath and then say the first thing that comes to mind. Rubio was clueless.


I have endorsed businessman Donald Trump, but beyond him, I would prefer a Governor be elected President. They are the only people who have the real life experience to become President. Regardless, under no circumstances should a Congressman ever be elected as President of the United States.


From the Politico :

An internal poll conducted on Sunday suggests that Marco Rubio’s fumbled debate performance has damaged his prospects heading into the New Hampshire primary.

The poll, conducted by the pro-John Kasich New Day for America Super PAC, shows Rubio plummeting to fourth place in the primary here, with 10 percent of the vote. Most of the polling conducted in the immediate days before the debate showed Rubio in second place.

The survey, which was based on phone calls to 500 likely voters (margin of error plus or minus 3 percent), was conducted Sunday, the day following the latest Republican debate. Rubio came under scathing attack from Chris Christie, who cast the first term Florida senator as too unready, ambitious, and superficial to occupy the Oval Office.

Donald Trump holds a wide lead in the survey, receiving 35 percent. He more than doubles runner-up Kasich, who has 15 percent. In third is Jeb Bush, with 13 percent. Behind Rubio in fifth and sixth place, respectively, are Christie and Ted Cruz. Both receive 8 percent.

This is probably what did it:

Do you think Rubio will recover for a higher finish in New Hampshire? Do you even care if he does or not? Share your comments below and let us know what you’re thinking.

h/t – Politico

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