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Rubio gets Trump to repeat himself during this debate exchange

GOP candidate Marco Rubio imitated former candidate Chris Christie who destroyed the young senator a few weeks ago doing the New Hampshire debate when he called out the front-runner Donald Trump for repeating himself during Thursday night’s debate on CNN.

Trump repeatedly said his centerpiece of his plan to replace ObamaCare was allowing insurers to cross state lines.

“Now he’s the one repeating himself,” Rubio said, interrupting the business mogul.

The billionaire businessman struck back, noting Rubio’s past debate flub.

“I watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago,” he said.

“I saw you repeat yourself five times five minutes ago,” the young FL senator responded.

Watch the exchange below:

Rubio seemed to win this exchange with Trump. After watching this, what did you think? Leave your comments below and let us know. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook and twitter.

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