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RUBIO RISING! If you were sleeping on Marco, you won’t believe these latest Iowa numbers!

Very few but his supporters were giving Senator Marco Rubio a shot to do well in Iowa. I had mentioned on social media the last two weeks I thought Rubio was rising and making a run at Senator Ted Cruz 2nd place position in Iowa, and that’s what’s happening. Marco might not be able to win the state of Iowa but he’s fighting hard, and it looks like it is paying off in a huge way.

Check out the latest numbers out of Iowa for Rubio:


Most feel Rubio is the establishment candidate many don’t want to represent them for the GOP nomination but one thing I’ve learned from as long as I’ve been politically awake, style and charisma go a long way in these things, and he’s got both. Rubio also has another piece that many in the election race do not have — he’s got a story.

His story is not like Cruz’s story, which I feel is more directed to evangelicals when Marco speaks, it’s eloquent, canned at times but can reach into the Democratic pocket of voters and pull out a solid number of crossovers to rival frontrunner Donald Trump.

Watch this breakdown analysis:

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